Mary Collett – about me


I was born in London and always enjoyed painting and drawing at school.  I trained as an junior school teacher (specialising in art) many years ago and taught for several years in a Junior school near Brighton. Since then I have had various other careers as a computer programmer, a technical consultant, a mother and a company director! I was introduced to the Bristol based Spike Island Print Studio in around 2003, when my young son attended a course there. I was gripped by the atmosphere and, after attending a course led by renowned wood engraver Peter Reddick, I started to create my own prints. My work was accepted for the Bristol Art Show ’07 at the Centrespace Gallery and for the 2007, 2009 and 2011 and 2017 RWA Autumn Exhibitions. I was nominated by Venue magazine as one of the 6 ’emerging artists’ from the 2007 RWA exhibition. I also had work accepted for the 2009 Open Print exhibition at the RWA and was part of a four artist exhibition at the RWA in 2010.  I had several prints accepted for the 2013 ‘Reigning Cats and Dogs’ exhibition at the RWA. To my huge delight, this year has seen my print ‘Little Red Dog’ accepted into the 2020 Royal Academy of Arts Summer/Not Summer exhibition in London.

All my recent work is available to see on my Instagram page


Bristol Art Show, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol – September 2007
Spike Island Open May 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013
Open Impact – Sept 2009
Royal West Academy Open Print – Oct 2009
Royal West Academy Autumn Exhibition – November 2007, 2009. 2011, 2017
Royal West Academy ‘Four’ – Four Artists Exhibition July 2010
Royal West Academy ‘Reigning Cats and Dogs’  January 2013
Royal Academy of Arts Summer/Not Summer Exhibition 2020

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